Do GIRLS get more Responses???

girls - Do you think so?
@kool78 (490)
March 11, 2007 6:56am CST
Most if the time i spend on mylot i just go through the discussion and the responses that they get. I have noted that girls get more responses then boys? EVEN if the discussion is one liner...for example " HAVE YOU SEEN THE RAINBOW?". I was shocked to see the responses it got. Thats what i feel. Have you ever come across something like this? I know there are many who try to impress girls out here. YOU can see that by visiting their link.
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@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
11 Mar 07
I fully agreed with you on this matter as I do found that normally girls/female(Especially wit some good looking photo attached) will get more attentions and more easily attracts a responses even the topics was less interesting or sometimes it were some meaningless topics.To me I don't really care for members gender,age and etc as long as I think the topics were interesting and I know how to responses and beside that friend's discussions(provided I know how to responses) or sometimes new users discussions will be my choice as well:)
@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
31 Jan 12
I don't even know when a user is male or female. Most of the user names people have here are pretty gender neutral. The only time you might be able to tell is by their profile picture. But even then, some males might have a female in the picture and vice versa. So unless you are referring to these people who seem to be female because of their profile picture, it is just a coincidence. I have not noticed this occurring. As I said, I don't even realize the gender of the users here unless they specifically say it. For example, I would not have known you were a man had I not read this discussion
• India
11 Mar 07
dont feel buddy its one cud change it