how is being a twig attractive??

March 11, 2007 7:56am CST
Everyone at one point in time has looked at a person and thought WOW i wish i had you figure or your hair etc. but it's all getting out of hand. i recently took a trip to london to see family and whilst on the train i filled my time reading glossy magazines, full of impossibly thin girls wearing garments a rag doll couldn't squeeze into. These women (and sometimes men) shrug the fact that they have an obvious eating disorder and they can always say they've been this thin forever or they have a fast metabolism untill their tongue drops of (yay another couple of pound gone!). i had a friend who suffered form anorexia for about 6 months she was admitted to a eating disorder clinic last year and thankfully made a full recovery but whilst she was in there; when i went to see her i saw the people who she spent her time with even more painfully thin girls with bones for figure. one girl would sit on her bed for hours doing nothing but flick through magazines picking out skiknny models and looking physically sick, as if she wanted to rip her own organs out just to lose a feww more inches; for some people they think that death is a worthy price to pay to get thin but i can tell you i'll never forget the day i went in and saw a empty bed in place of that poor girl. i know that this is hardly original but i'd like to hear other peoples views and experiences.
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14 Mar 07
I think you're absolutely right this obsession with being thin and aiming for size zero just doesn't help anyone, we should just appreciate that everyone is different. I have lots of friends who have been described by people who don't know them as "fat" but I have no time for people who make judgements about others purely based on what they see, I think personality is more important. I do recognise however that there is a pressure to conform to what society thinks is acceptable and being a skiny runt myself I probably don't fully appreciate how important it is to fit in, but even so I don't being a twig is very attractive
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11 Mar 07
Good for your friend. I also don't understand what's so beautiful with those ultra thin models but I think being beautiful is not really their number one asset. I'm more amaze on how they can still stand up and walk.., and looking as frail and exotic as they are, do they still feel alive?