respect the laws

respect - look at this picuter and say me comment
@saifweb (114)
March 11, 2007 8:14am CST
Respect the laws is guide us that the person has civilazation and could comunicate with peopole around him/her. without law we wouldn't be able to do anything. so its important matter, to respect. what is your opionion?
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@beckish (617)
• United States
11 Mar 07
I agree that society should respect its laws; laws are there to maintain order and safety for everyone. Sometimes, though, there are bad laws. These laws should be changed by contacting legislators and raising public awareness of bad laws. Good topic!
@saifweb (114)
• Ukraine
11 Mar 07
and this what they called as ammendments of laws, this has been created by lageslature, or advirsory body. All of the laws serve the Human beings.