Who is happy? RICH OR THE POOR!!!!

Rich and the poor - Image shows the cartoon of rich and poor
@subathra (3519)
March 11, 2007 9:09am CST
Rich people though look fat and well dressed, they face unending problem to lead their luxurious life.But a poor man concen he is not worried about anything.He leads a peaceful life and he is happy what he has in hand for the day.Can you deny it..pls post your views..
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@AKRao24 (8439)
• India
11 Mar 07
Happiness is the state of ones mind! It has nothing to do with rich or Poor. A rich man or a poor man both them can be happy. Yes a stressful lifecan become unhappier and poverty can be one of the factor leading a poor man to be stressed and constant stresses and depriving the poor man to bare minimum necessities to lead a normal life can definitely put him to stress and ultimately to unhappiness.The poor people because of malnutition and unhygenic conditions in which they live, together with the vices they have because of their social structure, leave them with a bad health and making them prone for many types of diseases. Though these diseases amy be different from the diseases what the rich they have but they definitely make apoor man's life a micerable one! The poor man struggles and constaantly fights for his existance, he is subjected to various type of natuaral restraits because of which he is always under mental tension. It is easy to say that a poor may not have worries for tomorrow, but it is not the fact He is always worried about his uncertain future. Though he is born as apoor, but basically he is also a human being and likecany other human being he is also having some basic needs aprt from filling up his belly, for achieving this he has to raise his status socially and economically too, which often is not possible for a pooe man and thus he is left with frustration. In attemt to quensch his other basic needs these poor people are showing inclination towards crimes, in order to get quick rich or to satis fy their physdical urge! So taking all these factors into cponsideration, I personally feel though the happiness is state of mind and though every one can be happy, the chances of a poor man to be happy and to be continue in that state is far less than a rich man. The rich man having posessed by all the basic needs of life, he need not really worry about his day to day requirements for his exitance. Thus he is a winner in basic struggle for existance. Yes., then he is also having his owm miseries and mental tensions, which as compared to poor man's they are self aquired and they are because of the reason that he is in a rat race and in that competition, in order to prove himself the number one he is subjecting himself to various stresses, which he can conveniently avoid! Thus the stresses by the richman are self acquired and also the disceses like diabetis, Hypertension, hypertension etc which are because of irregular diet habis and unhealthy pattern followed in food habits.Other wise barring these the rich and poor arequally prone for other diseses which may be infectious in nature or non infectitous like Cancer! So, in conclusion, the poor have their own reason to become unhappy, so are the poor , but at the same time both of them be happy as the happiness is the state of mind! The question is who can afford to maintain this stae of mind for longer time? which depends on the above discussed factors in each case!! Thanks for starting thought provoking discussion!
@subathra (3519)
• India
12 Mar 07
tnks for ur response.your composing is really good