life of a begger

March 11, 2007 9:53am CST
have you ever thoght of the poeople living inthe slums or roads how they live up thier life and even after so many hardships at the end of the day they settle in their places happily. what do you think about them. does such thought arouse pity in your hearts
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@nadias (88)
• Norway
11 Mar 07
I think about this topic alot! Having moved to morocco, i see poor people every single day and yes, it does break my heart to see that some people have such hard and difficult lives but what really amazes me is that they're content with their lives.. You see someone who's extremely wealthy and he's nowhere near being as content with his life. Thats why i've never really wanted to be rich. I want to be able to enjoy my life and not the material part of my life. Life is so much more than having the best car, the best house in the city.. its soooo much more than that.
@cinz20 (63)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
i feel pity to them and those people who have a wealth try to share to less fortunate and may the god will bless you..