USA Embassy London

United States
March 11, 2007 10:02am CST
Having just completed the Fiance Visa process and now living in the USA from England, i would like to hear your views on the USA Embassy in London. From start to finish the process was an ordeal, hampered by the dictatorial methods of the Immigration personnel. While the process itself certainly helps to weed out potential terrorists and allows for a safer America, we are NOT all criminals and should not be treated as though we are covering up our true intentions for wishing to reside in America and indeed why we actually wish to marry a person outside of our birth country. My Interview appointment in London was a disgrace. Approximately 150 people had the same appointment time, 10.30am. We were made to queue up outside the embassy for approximately 2hrs, with no rain cover and no toilet facilities. One by one we were searched and had to go through a metal detector before being allowed into the building. My fiancee became so cold that she had to take a cab back to the hotel and both of us developed strep and flu. Once inside the Embassy, the system of number allocation did not allow for toilet breaks or any other break. While, admittedly, such a multi-part process would have to entail waits for the next stage, having no idea of time intervals meant the real possibility of missing the on screen notification and announcement of your number. My interview itself, at the end of the ordeal, was conducted by a mid 20's woman who appeared to have personal issues that she was alleviating on her interviewee's. On arrival at the booth window she was shaking her head dismissively even as i walked up. The questioning was not far short of including a spotlight and finger crunching, including a turn by her to look around the room behind her while i was answering. All in all, i was made to feel like i had failed the interview and no indication was given of a pass or fail...she simply stopped talking and i had to enquire as to whether that was the end of the 'interview'. Have you experience of the Embassy ? good or bad ?
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