Letting Go...teach me how!

March 11, 2007 11:03am CST
I met this person when i was still in college..we fell inlove, it was a love i thought would last a lifetime. But because we both want to pursue our dreams and ambition, we did not notice that we are flying far away from eachother. It was too late when we notice..coz we have drifted apart.I can feel the love was still there, even when we bid our last goodbyes.We both cried. But we are both too afraid to commit,thinking that we are now different...Now,we are both successful..ONLY...he is married and I am still single. 7 years, without communication, I still cried when I heard he was getting married. I am in a relationship, but I still feel incomplete, something is missing..I dont know what.. I am still longing for him. How can I let go of the past? How can I totally let go of something which is no longer mine? Will he ever know, how much he still means to me? I dont think he will believe me if I'd tell him? I guess i will never know...
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