The Value Of Discipline

March 11, 2007 3:31pm CST
Life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. As a ship without a rudder and a compass can not successfully perform a voyage, so a life, which is fortified by discipline, may not have prosperous journey in this world. Discipline is a moral quality, which should exist in every human being. It suggests a mode of life. Discipline is not a quality with which man is born with but one, which he inherits from his parents and learns from his teachers. It refulates one's conduct and prevents one from being disruptive and impulsive. It is one of the signs of leading to success. Is is important that we nourish children with discipline so that they become useful members of the society. The value of discipline is obvious in all walks of life. In certain spheres of activity, discipline id the first essential. Schools are an excellent medium of providing discipline. Indiscipline has much affected the intellectual and moral qualities of many promising scholars. To sum up, discipline is of the utmost importance for the stability of society. It is at the root of all other virtues that can adorn human life. A life, which is not under the rigours of discipline, often finds itself reduced to the state of brute.
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11 Mar 07
I think children need discipline when they are growing up, then they will eventually learn to be able to discipline themselves. I think that schools take it too far though, often restraigning pupils so much that there is no room for them to assert their individuality.