Talking alot

Talking - look at these two children talking
@saifweb (114)
March 11, 2007 3:52pm CST
Do you think that talking alot means nothing. its idea, but sometimes its not true. what we could say about someone who talking alot, I think for me he/she is blank, they wouldn't be able to do just to talk, but if the talk with doing that would be fine. what is your opinon?
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11 Mar 07
I talk too much. I am not a good listener and interupt people when they are talking, however I think that what I have to say is valuable otherwise I wouldn't say it.
@saifweb (114)
• Ukraine
11 Mar 07
me too, but this is seems to be problem, however, I'm trying to be listener, but there is no way, I think we have to treat ourself thanks about your answer