Freedom? What does it mean to you?

freedom of life - women running feeling free
March 11, 2007 4:15pm CST
How do you see freedom affect your life or others? What about democracy? Birds? Fish? 21yrs of age?
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@anup12 (4180)
• India
12 Mar 07
Freedom means to me I can live without fear of being attacked.I can live life on my own terms.
• Malaysia
12 Mar 07
Thanks to god some of us live with peacefully. Pity to those who live in war -- Southern Thailand, Palestinian, Iraqi and other countries in war. May god protect those innocents, children and women especially.
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
11 Mar 07
Where I come from we take freedom and democracy for granted, so it dosen't really mean anything to me, it's just something that's there. However if someone took it all away then I would probably realize what it meant to me.
• Malaysia
12 Mar 07
Do you realize it now?
@ironstruck (2299)
• Canada
11 Mar 07
Duck Dinner Time... - It looks like someone has been feeding the ducks today.
Freedom is a lot of things. Like taking my camera everywhere I go and taking pictures whenever I want without fear of someone getting all upset as happens in some countries where every thing is some sort of secret. Well, birds...I love birds and have added a picture of some ducks for you.............
• Malaysia
11 Mar 07
That what I call freedom to live with no fear. Good hobby though. Thanks for the duck.
@Ohara_1983 (4120)
• Kuwait
5 Dec 07
Freedom means to me that your free for all what you want & taking care of yourself free to everywhere and anywhere you want to your life.