How important is routine to you and yours?

March 11, 2007 4:40pm CST
As a working mother with 3 children, routine is very important to us- especially me if I have any hope of getting everything done and everyone organised. We have a very structured morning, if we didn't we would have no hope of getting everyone out the door. Even our afternoons are structured and timetable so that we get all the homework etc done. Weekends are a welcome break from the structured week, although we still have a roster for everything including what order the children shower in (otherwise we have fights over who goes last). SO how structured is your day? or are you a 'take it as it comes' free and easy going household?
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11 Mar 07
well im a mother of three and we really don't have any routine we just take a shower or bath when we want to or ill give my youngest two one before any one else does that way they won't be push out of the way and then i take one then usually my husband does and then we are out of the door doing the things that we want to and we don't have any routnine for activies we usuacally do what we want when we want
• Australia
11 Mar 07
Thanks for responding, :) I have found that we have needed to be more structured since I have started work and as the kids have gotten older (they are school age now- all under 11yrs). The kids do get free time each day for a couple of hours, I have showed them that if they follow the routine they can get more things done- including those things that need to be done and what they want to do.
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15 Mar 07
well its very important to start healthy family life ..well i really dont know how strict is mine ..however i would say its very simple rountine ..i make sure that dinner gets lady till 8 and we eat early ...its quite important ... and there are so many things ..we take care so i would say ..its getting in shape