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My greyhound Peanut - This is my greyhound Peanut. He is six years old and the biggest jessie you could ever hope to meet.
He is the son of our other greyhounds Elkie who is nine and Clancy who is sadly no longer with us.
I am pretty sure that he is convinced he is a lap dog and he will sit on your knee if you give him the opening (not wise given that you will never have the use of your legs again:)
Love him dearly!
March 11, 2007 5:13pm CST
Hey all, I would just like to find out what peoples initial opinion on keeping greyhounds with smaller animals like cats and rabbits is. I am curious because i have two greyhounds who are regularly beaten up by my cat, my kitten and our rabbit, and yet the reputation the breed has is that they should never be kept with small animals. The reason we got our first one was because my mum suffers badly from breathing problems and allergies, and they have short coats that malt very little, but I have personally found greyhounds to be the best breed to have as a pet and now they would be my first choice in a dog. They are incredible affectionate and loyal, very intelligent, great house dogs and contrary to poular opinion do not need massively long walks...they are meant for short sprints not marathons:) I've also found them to be one of the best breeds around children as they are not bothered by fast movements or noises and are very loving and protective. I realise that there are ex racing greyhounds that will chase things because it is what they have always done, but all the ex racers i have met are all find with our rabbit. I own a kennels and cattery on Orkney, so I come into contact with a huge number of animals and I have to say that the only problems we tend to have is with the smaller breeds of dog not the big ones. On a slightly different note I was wondering how many people would be willing to rescue an ex-racing greyhound if they could. There are unfortunately a huge number of dogs that are discarded or neglected as soon as their useful racing life is over, which i think is one of the saddest most horrible things people can do. Would people be willing ever look into giving such dogs a loving home to see out their retirement, or does something about the breed put people off? Anyhow I have waffled enough for now, it's your turn...speak to me people:) All the best Ellie
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@emeraldisle (13145)
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11 Mar 07
Some people stereotype animals just like they do people. I've never had a problem with cats, dogs, rabbits etc getting a long. Now I didn't have a greyhound but I have seen them interact with others without a problem. I thought of adopting a former racer but we don't have the yardage for one. From what I understand they do need a lot of room to be able to run around, that is at least what the society here stated. So we didn't but we did get a collie from Collie Rescue. We have yardage just not much for a dog to really run like a Greyhound is known to.
12 Mar 07
Hey, I agree that it is best if greyhounds have a lot of room, but to be honest as long as they get enough in the way of walks they are fine. Mine are the laziest animals ever, and if they dont want to move they quite simply wont. Our girl Elkie thinks she is a proper princess and would much prefer sleeping in front of the fire to venturing outside. You have to actively make her walk so that she doesnt turn into an overweight blob of a dog (i think thats her dream, but all she can manage is skinny sticklet) :) We used to live on a council estate which didnt have a great deal of space but we walked they regularly (in short bursts cos they get bored) now they get to run in our field and on the beach but they still get bored and want to come home quite quickly, whereas our collie lab cross will run around until he drops. Anyhow i was just curious what peoples opinions of the breed were really. All the best to you and your dog. Ellie