Drunk men and aggressiveness! - I hate aggression...

@Kylalynn (1773)
South Africa
March 11, 2007 5:42pm CST
I hate aggression at the best of times, makes me very nervous. But this one is rediculous. A 40ish woman was talking to a 74yr old woman at a party we attended last night. The younger of the 2 was telling her about an annual ladies night out they go to. She used no bad language or anything. The 74yr old's son in law overheard the conversation, came up to them, asked his mother in law to leave as he didnt want her to hear bad language. She ignored him, and he bashed the younger one on the back and screamed that she was 74 and not interested. With a few swear words in between. We were all stunned, the woman got tears in her eyes, and couldent understand what she had done wrong, and rightly so as she was completely innocent. The drunk mans wife apologised for his terrible behaviour, as she was extremely embarrassed and she took him home. What do you think about this aggressive man? I am very interested to hear. I know exactly what I would like to do to him, but it's illegal.
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