what would you do?

United States
March 11, 2007 8:36pm CST
I think my mom may be having an affair or at least thinking about it. My parents are seperated. My dad is living wiht my grandmother right now. She needs someone to be there with her and help her with her things she does. My parents have never had a great relationship. They fought all the time they were together and mom threatned to get a divorce on a daily basis. She works with a guy that she talks about all the time. They hang out together, do stuff together. She goes to his house and he goes to hers. (She stayed at the house while dad lives with my greandma) She calls me daily to tell me how much seh can't stand my dad, blah...blah...blah....and it makes me angry. I love my mom, but I also love my dad. She says she and this guy are "just friends," but he gave her a V-Day present. My dad talks about my mom constantly and says he wants to be with her again. He still loves her. I'm in the middle here. I'm happily married and was taught that once married, always married. What should I do? WHat would you do?
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@socorban (651)
• United States
12 Mar 07
First, tell your mom to grow up and stop verbaly abusing your father to you. You need to support your father and ease him into the situation so he has the full scope of things. Divorce is horrible but better than an affair, adultry is low and emotionally devastating to the one cheated on. If you love your parents you need to intervein, it may be hard because you feel obligated to both of them but you need to put obligatin aside and do the right thing.
@LindaLou (483)
• Canada
12 Mar 07
Don't get in the middle of it. It's their business. Your Dad will never be happy with your Mom as long as she is miserable in the relationship. They both deserve to move and make better lives for themselves in fulfilling relationships. If they are separated, it's not really an affair.