March 11, 2007 9:16pm CST
I was touched by the story featured on one of the programs of the local TV here in the Philippines. The story featured a special person, Joshua. Josh was diagnosed of having a mild cerebral palsy. He is on his late 20's now. Whats realy touching in the story was his family who never gave up on him. The family stood by his side all the past years giving him a normal life as possible. They never left Josh to an institution despite their busy schedule. I never questioned his Mom when she called over the International TV advertising their search for Josh girl friend and possble lifetime partner, but I do believe that you could never find love in an instant and that all people have that special someone destined by GOD. I am worried too that they may find a wrong person for Josh. What do you think about this? Is Josh' Mom right of her advertisement over TV in search of Josh partner?
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