Living for Life or Living for God.

United States
March 11, 2007 10:57pm CST
I was brought up Church of God, then later converted to Catholicism. During that time, up until the age of 15 or so, I was told that to truly live life and be happy, you had to turn your life over to God and follow his orders word for word. As I got older I believed less and less that anyone was up there, no matter what anyone believed in. I've not seen anything in all my 23 years to make me believe otherwise. But I'm also happier than I've ever been. I don't have to fear that what I do day in and day out will send me to a place of burning rock and ash and other named stones. I believe that it isn't so much that we have faith in something that everyone follows, but we find our own faith, and turn it into something more, a life. What does everyone else think?
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