sweet memories

March 12, 2007 12:19am CST
there are many things in life that will catch our eyes,but only few will catch our heart.... the day i had left my high schooL;2002 leaving my school to which i was attached for 10yrs ..... it was the end of all our enjoyments.we cant get such enjoyment again.it is impossible to regain such intimate frinds,and it is hard to forget them ,the moments spent with them left a deep and indeliable impression on my heart.my happiest moments are with them. allthe funny,crazy and exciting stuff that we had in my school is un forgetable getting far from those moment,frinds and such an environment day by day frustrates me a lot even now though 4yrs had passed ...hm...but i am happy to some extent bcz these moments still play infront of my eyes whenever i think of them or when i read my dairy.......AND GUYS I AM SURE U TO WILL HAVE SUCH SWEET MEMORIES&U R WELCOME TO SHARE them WITH ME.
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@subathra (3519)
• India
12 Mar 07
To me its both my school and college days ...the most swwwetest memories still lingering my mind.Like you i was attached to my school for 12 years till my board exam. some of our classmates ..we met the last weekend and shared some nice moments..silly fights, funny moments and some hard times we faced in our school.The most beautiful time in my school was during my nursery classess we had a very nice teacher named Mrs.Bazely she is a mentor for all of us.Unfortunately she passed away when we were at class 11.our school has so many branches and when there is an Interbranch competitions we will be filled with full enthu to face the events to bring the cup to our branch..
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13 Mar 07
THANKQ ,I AM HAPPY THAT U ARE SHARING UR SWEETPAIN WITH ME i would like to quote 'we came with the fear of not knowing anyone but we will go with tears after leaving everyone