is this feeling of jealousy or competition????????

March 12, 2007 3:07am CST
I dont know that whether this is a feeling of jealousy or competition that usually we use 2 compare ourselves with our neighbours.If we find them superior 2 us in status,we start working on it & try our best 2 come over it.So what is it: JEALOUSY OR COMPETITION?
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• Philippines
22 Mar 07
Constructive jealousy! The good thing is you are not putting your neighbours to fall. You are striving because you want to achieve what they have had.
• Singapore
12 Mar 07
A little bit of competition spurs somebody on and i see no harm in doing that. However if it becomes a threat to you, it will become negative and that kind of emotions is best for us to avoid altogether. A friendly competition is something i will go for coz at the end of the day, if your friend gets to win, out of your heart, you will congratulate him/her. By this, your relationship with this person will also grow. Whenever, i see somebody at MYLOT.COM with thousands of entries be it posting new post or answering posts, it inspires or spurs me on to have as many post as they are too.