English courses we study in university

March 12, 2007 4:34am CST
Does the courses we study in university really play important role in help us communicating with foreginers?Recently I sensed that English courses just help a little in communicating,especially after I joined mylot. Maybe we must pay more attention to practice rather than the vapid texts.What do you think?
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• New Zealand
31 Dec 07
Yeah if you can get access to the internet then yeh just learning english online is all good.
• China
23 Dec 07
I've found an intriguing phenomenon here in myLot -- all articles concerning English learning are written by Chinese students! That is amazingly throught-provoking. I am happen to be an english major also, and I'm fully aware the importance of English to my future -- it is my job, my income and my happiness. LOL. That explains why I come there to type such long passages. To answer your question, I would say no. Still, reading books and writing logical compositions are still the best approaches to english learning. By the way, which university are you from, if I may ask?
@happybabe (206)
• China
26 Mar 07
Of course,if we want to conmmnicate with foreigners freely,we must try all kinds of ways to improve our English.For instance,we can read English magazines,see English movies,have a chat with some persons whose native language is English and so on.We can greatly improve our English by these ways.Do you think so?
@lucy67 (819)
• China
20 Mar 07
when i read this discussion, i think you must be a chinese student because so many students in China complain about their tedious English learning. practice is really important but if you haven't learned English in university perhaps you will feel it difficult to communicate here.
• China
12 Mar 07
Yes i agree with you .After so many years for english i like to study it by some degree but i can't use it just like my mother tongue especially the oral ,that is a problem .Everyday we study english just for the exam and seldom for the use or communtiation .
@lyfhome (84)
• China
12 Mar 07
i found the courses we study in university does not play a important role. we only communicated with our teacher, perhaps one day one sentence, perhaps nerver say a word with your teacher during your four years. if you are a student, you should spend more time here, it will help you, by the way, you can make some extra money.