What's the best thing

March 12, 2007 6:20am CST
you have done with your life? Mine is having my son, he means the world to me and there is nothing i would not do for him. he has changed my life for the better and i am a much better person and that's all thanx to him
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12 Mar 07
I think that like you having my children is one of the best things I have done in my life. However I needed all the experiences that came before them and changed the way I thought in order to be able to become a good mother.
24 Apr 07
That is very true its all the things we do in life and the mistakes we make and have to learn from that make us who we are
@beaniegdi (1966)
12 Mar 07
My 2 sons have been the best thing in my life, they are now 19 and 22 and they are so good to me. They were hard work to bring up especially as their dad left when the youngest was nearly 10 and the eldest 12 but they have both grown up fine.
• Ireland
12 Mar 07
The best thing I have done in my life was to achieve all the things that my parents would have wished for me. They taught me to respect and love others and above all to be charitable. Now I passing on their teachings to my children and grandchildren.
• United States
12 Mar 07
having my 4 girls was the best thing I have ever done with my life. I love my girls very much and would do and protect in any means. claire