Teddy's bears Clicks - Been paid

@beyonce03 (2331)
March 12, 2007 10:28am CST
It's fun when I read a discussion from someone that have been paid from a website. Like that we can see that the websiter is not a scam. I want to share with you the program that just paid me. It's teddy bears clicks who is like the sister site of canssandra clicks (who alreay paid me several times) I'm sure I can make more money with that website but I don't do enough promotion with their promote link. It only cost 5$ to have that link for one year. I need to work more on my paid to read because some are really worth it. I want to know if some of you are in cassandra or teddy bears and if you also already been paid. Share your experience with thse 2 programs. Links: http://www.cassandrasclicks.com/pages/anywhere.php?refid=beyonce03 http://teddybearclicks.com/pages/anywhere.php?refid=beyonce03
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