Sim Cards - Where to sell them?

March 12, 2007 10:34am CST
I've got about 100 sim cards sitting here in a box that I've had as freebies off the internet (mostly 02 ones). I used to sell them either on the car boot sales, or to a bloke on the market, but he's stopped taking them off me, and it's no where near car boot sale season yet. What I'm after is ideas on where/how I could sell these. I don't really want to put them on ebay as they don't seem to be selling very well there at the moment. Any ideas?
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@honeyangel (1992)
12 Mar 07
hello how you doing its me honeyangel thanx for using my ref
12 Mar 07
forgot to say ive got loads and im thinking on car booting them when the better weather comes in
13 Mar 07
lol was happy to use your ref hon. Wish someone would use mine now :) Yeah about all I can think to do with them is wait for the bootsale season to begin. It is frustrating me though having so many and no where to get shot of them.
14 Mar 07
Hi Vi :) I have the same problem my man won't take them now either, I just use them when I need to text into competitions etc.