What Was The Worst Team To Ever Win A World Series?

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March 12, 2007 10:51am CST
There have been a lot of teams, especially since the advent of the Wild Card, who have snuck into the playoffs without exactly having great records. But which one was the absolute worst? For me, you just have to look to last year. The Cardinals were not a good team. They would not have been in the playoffs if not for the Central being absolutely horrid. They got hot at the perfect time, and won the pennant in a perfect storm. I'm not sure if a worse team will ever win a World Series.
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@Mike07 (505)
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16 Mar 07
Have to agree with you it was the Cardinals last year. Or maybe the Marlins the year they won it. At least the Cardinals had Pujols, who is a great hitter, but really didn't hit that much in the World Series. The Cards got great pitching from Sujppan and Jeff Weaver, neither of whom are rally all that good. So they got very lucky, and their opponents played badly. The Mets really blew a great chance to get to and win the World Series.
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18 Mar 07
Are you joking me? Do you really believe that the Marlins did not deserve to win the world series? I hope your not talking about the Florida Marlins that won it in 03. Are you?
@Psychosis (356)
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21 Jun 07
The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals were definitely the worst team to ever win a World Series. They almost didn't make the playoffs and had a sub par offense.
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22 Apr 07
I tend to disagree, largely because they won the whole thing and the team that was supposed to be the best of the AL failed miserably. I watched all 161 games for the Cardinals, injuries and their not so stellar finish. The fact of the matter is that they put it together at a team well enough to get to the playoffs and beat the Mets another "great" team to get to the World Series. Sorry they put together a great consistent attack and beat the Tigers...who only helped their defeat. The Wild card has presented a worst winner... Interleague play only makes it worse. 85 The Royals were far from stellar and the Yankees paid barnstormer years were not baseball's highlight either in the last 2 decades
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13 Apr 07
The White Sox got lucky the year they won it. Their division was terrible that year, and when they did face a worthy opponent, their stars were injured (i.e. Johan Santana). The Gods were looking out for them every time they stepped out onto the field in the postseason. They were not that good a ballclub. Their pitching was par, at best, and their hitting wasn't much better. Again, everything just fell into place for them at the right time. The best baseball quote ever happened that year when Mark Buerhle (a bum) accused then Chicago Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux of cheating by applying foreign substances to the baseball before he pitched. He continued to tell reporters this was the only explanation for why a man of his age could remain as good as he is, for as long as he has. The following day reporters asked Maddux for his comments on such allegations. His response, very simply, very matter of factly was, "Who's Mark Buerhle?" That was hilarious and a slap in the face of a pitcher that had a very lucky year.