When someone close to you dies- what do you feel?

March 12, 2007 12:58pm CST
Well a few months ago my grand father died from a heart attack and a bunch of other things that came along with it, but i suppose it was for the best, because i didn't want him to keep going and die a even more painful death... I couldn't bear to watch the scene... Anyways christmas finally came and the hole family got together... We had a green christmas so it didn't really feel much like christmas now did it? But still there was something else missing, this christmas was missing one piece of its puzzle. The one thing missing, was my grandfather. I knew it, every year he would come or we would go over and visit him, it would be the best time ever, as we had some music and and such, but this christmas was so silent. the only noise i heard was thankyous and not songs and fun. I felt like a piece of myself had been ripped out of me that christmas, as if God took a part of me as a christmas present. But more like a hell for me. When someone close to you died, what did you feel?
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