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March 12, 2007 3:12pm CST
I recently saw a video on Worlds Most Amazing Videos where a couples vote crashed on some rode pillars on a lake. And another man that saw them helped tie them to some of the poles to keep them falling into the water. Then when the rescue helicopter came they were lifting up the woman because she was weaker at that point. And when the helicopter started to fly away a line that was tied to her wrapped around her neck and started strangling her. I wads just wondering if anyone knew where I could find this video on the internet, like on youtube or something, I'm having no luck so far! Help please =P
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@AmbiePam (49529)
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29 Mar 07
I know what you are talking about, because I watch that show all the time. I don't know specifically how you would get a copy, but the show lists an address and they might not only help you find the clip, but sometimes they allow you to purchase a copy of the episode you are talking about.
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3 Apr 07
oooh okay i didnt know tht! thank you. I just wish I could find it at youtube lol. Thats where I like to watch all my music and videos =P But thanks for info
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