What a doctor?

@myklaire (437)
March 12, 2007 3:54pm CST
A week ago, i went to Kainos Clinic, the health provider of our company. Since consultation is free, i didn't bother going to a specialist. I used to have consultations with them but only in our company's clinic. SInce I didn't have work that day, I told my hubby to drive me to their clinic. I was glad that while waiting for my turn, I was entertained well by their staff. They've done their SOP, checking vital signs and I didn't wait for long to see the doctor. I came in to see the doctor, a newly graduate one, I could see since she looks young. I told her my complaints. I had terrible back pains and I felt uncomfortable with my left ear. It's not an infection for sure since it didn't hurt at all. I just couldn't hear well. It's stressed out after working in a call center for almost 2 years. But what the heck! You know what she advised? She told me to loose weight since my back couldn't handle the weight of my front that's why it hurts. Is this for real? I'm not that fat. I even had back pains even when I worked abroad and I was like 100 lbs or less only! Well now, I'm 120 lbs...But what disappointed me most is when she didn't mind my ear problem. She only told me that I'll just observe and if after a month, still no change, then I have to see a specialist.
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@Modestah (11192)
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12 Mar 07
that indifference would concern me too. Especially since you have suffered this problem for a long time already. Sadly incompetence or a genuine lack of concern seems to be epidemic anymore. Makes you wonder what the motivation was in choosing their profession.