Unhealthy food being advertised as good for kids

March 12, 2007 4:46pm CST
Does anyone agree that it is bad that unhealthy foods sucha as cheese strings and yogurts are advertised as being good for kids when there are no ads for fruit and vegetables being tasty and healthy.
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@taramoon (742)
• Spain
12 Mar 07
I live in Spain and there are plenty of adverts for fruit and veg with good commentry on how healthy and tasty they are and what you can do with them so the kids don't find them boreing, i do have the English channels but to be honest i think yougurts like muller and cheese strings are healthy both full of calcium and proteins, and i also find the drinky yogurts like actmel and others actually do, do what they say
12 Mar 07
The yogurts have been proven to not work in scientific experiments in this country they are also full of sugar which has no nutritional value at all. The cheese strings are full of fat and salt. Kids can get calcium from far better sources than dairy.
12 Mar 07
My kids eat soya yogurt which is sweetened with fruit and not sugar or artificial sweetners which is much healthier for them. They get protein from nuts, seeds, tofu and soya products such as soya cheese which they both enjoy.
• Australia
13 Mar 07
I love soy!!
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
I didn't know that cheese and yogurts are bad for kids my friend. I will certainly check this out. Thanks for the information. Good posting!
@babykay (2133)
• Ireland
12 Mar 07
yes indeed. There is a really sickening add on Irish tv at the moment about the food pyramid and three helpings of dairy a day being "healthy|" and necessary for good health!! Can you believe it. The Laughing Cow add (don't know if you have that in the UK) is another one that really disgusts me, poor cows are anything but happy and laughing seeing as they have their calves taken away from them and are pumped full of hormones to keep them lactating. Basically the reason that there are far fewer adds promoting vegetables/fruit is because there is far less profit to be made.