Child leashes?!?!???

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March 12, 2007 6:02pm CST
I was wondering how everyone thought about child leashes. There are alot of positive things as well as negative. I know childern are not dogs, but a "leash" will keep them from getting lost at stores. When I was growing up I remember seeing kids with those leashes that are attached to their wrists. Now a days they have backpack ones. Let me know your input on this
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12 Mar 07
This is a great topic, but for my opinion, I must say that I absolutely am disgusted by child leashes. I am a firm believe that taking your child by the hand is a much better approach. Children are not dogs and should not be allowed to run to the end of their leash before realizing they need to remain with their parents. This is just an opinion.
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13 Mar 07
no offense.........but how would you like to hold your arm up like a child does for hours? Try it and see how long you can hold your arm up without it hurting. These are just some thoughts I've come up with for the positive side to do it.