Living with a teenager....

March 12, 2007 8:39pm CST
Oh yay. I am not liking the attitude im getting from my teenage son. I mean he demands so much of me. If I go away for any given amount of time, he gets mad because he cannot come with me. If I spend money on myself (which is NOT often let me tell you!) he gets mad because I didn't use that money on him. If I buy my daughter cloth diapers he gets mad because that money didn't go on an Xbox. My son does have a couple of problems going against him right now, like ADHD, Oppesitional Defiant Conduct Disorder - so I know he has this against him too. And I know how to deal with him when he acts up. We do have our disagreements. But still. How would you deal with a child who is like this? I mean I am trying to deal with him the best I can. If he would've had my mom as a mom, he would be grounded ...
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13 Mar 07
Going according to what's recommended by his physicians-set limits and enforce them accordingly. You have to remember that, in spite of his problems, you are still the parent, and he is still the child. Best wishes to both of you.