global warming

March 12, 2007 9:33pm CST
what will you do if the hole in our atmosphere is big enough to destroy mankind? what wil be the changes in our climate, how many calamities will be there if that time comes? is mankind ready to face this problem in the future?
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• United States
13 Mar 07
I'm not sure your topic is staying consistent, but I shall address both instances. I do believe that the hole in the ozone is sufficient to severely damage mankind: that is, impediments from additional radiation and perhaps severe melting of the polar ice cap(s). This melting would indeed cause calamities of drastic proportions to seaward communities. Greenhouse gas collection, however, is the more important problem. Foremost, the climate around areas of the world will start to become warmer. A change in warmth around the flow of the Jet Stream could certainly reverse several climate associations (this claim is spookily similar to some Hollywood blockbuster, but it's not entirely false) and most dramatically, the average temperature of the earth may raise to a height that would extinct humanity, etc. But surely that won't happen for a few more years, so we're safe.