Credit Card Blunders!

March 12, 2007 10:19pm CST
Do you ever get into problems with your credit cards? I just stumbled into something that I didn't even purchase and the credit card company bills me penalty fees just because I didn't pay it. I was overseas during that time and they wouldn't let my sister settle the issue. They wanted me to call them overseas so that I myself can take care of it! Now I'm back, I'll settle this headache once and for all...
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@Minesky (245)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
Hope you settle it as soon as possible. I am recalling a credit card blunder that I had last 2003. I lost my wallet with my cards (3 of them) and I immediately called all of them to inform my lost card and requested replacement, all except 1 card, where that call center agent did not record my request, instead I just got a notice that my credit card was closed, and the person calling me already is a credit agent, already negotiating my payment by half! I know for a fact that if I agree to that guy, I would now have a record for it, which was never my intention in the first place! For me to reconcile this, it took my 5 months, numerous phone calls. But I threatened already to complain to a person of highest position in their company that is why they acted that time. On the 5th month, the person who helped me was a former schoolmate. When I showed him my draft of the complaint letter, he was sure heads would roll if in case the letter goes out, so he helped me, in a matter of a week it was done. But 5 months?!?! My advise to you is to close this issue soonest, don't let it reach a credit agent because they are so DAMN rude. And they always look at you as people running away from debts, EVEN if you talk to them professionally!!! Also, take down the name, date and time of each call that you make to the credit card company for your own monitoring.