Looking Good

March 12, 2007 11:06pm CST
Do you spend a lot of effort trying to look good? Maybe you take a little longer than necessary primping before you go out? Or perhaps you're one of those people who never does anything wrong, its always someone else's fault.
2 responses
• Philippines
16 Mar 07
There's a saying that my mother told me (to keep me on my toes) - "there are no ugly women, only lazy ones". Come to think of it, if you'll just spend some decent time to make yourself look better and presentable, it wouldn't hurt. Looking good also makes you feel good, and good habits are hard to eradicate.
• United States
13 Mar 07
I try not to spend too much on myself for anything anymore. For one thing, I don't have time, but I do take long, relaxing showers at once a week. Maybe this is one of the things that is wrong with me. Maybe I need to spend some more time on myself. Who knows? I do brush my hair, put my hair up in a pony tail, and will put some blush on every now and then, but that is about it.