Always nervous

United States
March 12, 2007 11:19pm CST
Do you ask other people how or what to do with certain stuff when you do not know what or how to do it? Or do you try to figure it out first? Like on a new job? Are you nervous or jittery most of the time? Cause I am, I feel like there are tons of information that I need to learn and sometimes it seems that the other people are too busy to be disturbed when I am in doubt. It puts me in a very nerve-wracking situation everytime. I even have a tough time deciding whether to ask for help or not. What's your advice on this?
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@dfinster (3535)
• United States
20 Mar 07
I get nervous about things like that a lot of times. I try to figure most things out for myself "if" I can. When it comes to work though I worried that while in the process of trying to figure something out I might mess something up. I didn't wnt to bother anybody either by asking when I was new either. After I was there for a little while though I leaned I worked with a pretty good bunch of people and kind of knew who I could go to with certain things and who I couldn't. It just took a little bit to learn that and hopefully it may work like that for you too. Just take a deep breath and do the best that you can. Hang in there, good luck.
• United States
20 Mar 07
Yeah, knowing that the people you are working with are willing to help you out indeed makes the work easier, the pressure would not be that big. Thanks!
@mongtot (90)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
I think that the best thing to do is to ask because if you don't know how to do a certain thing and try to do it based on what you think is right, it might get out of hand. But sometimes, learning on your own might help you become more independent. You can do things without waiting for other people to spoon-feed you all the information you need.
• United States
20 Mar 07
Yeah it does have pros and cons, especially when you get to accomplish things with your own perseverance. But that is the positive aspect of it, what if you screw everything up because you didn't know what do do but you didn't ask? Then that'll put you in a whole lot of trouble..
@wooitsmolly (3613)
• United States
18 Mar 07
I am exactly the same way. I started a new job last week and I have to go in tonight and I am just SO NERVOUS because I feel like I forgot everything I learned last weekend and I hate asking people. My job is easy, but I have only worked 2 days so I don't know everything yet. I also forget easily so I have to ask more than once. I feel out of place being the only new person, too. I just remind myself that in a few weeks I will know everything and I will be fine.
@Darkwing (21588)
13 Mar 07
Never be afraid to ask for help if you need it, especially in a new job, as all companies have their own system for doing things. If they never tell you what that system is, you're stuck and cannot complete the job. Ok, in an everyday, personal situation, by all means, try to work it out yourself, but teamwork never fails, and there's always somebody will be very pleased to talk you through things. Brightest Blessings.