Lost fans.......

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October 16, 2006 5:55pm CST
Any theories, discuss strategies, if your fan lets talk about it here.
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@Meljep (1668)
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28 Oct 06
Do you think "Ben" has the tumor on his spine? Was Jack kidnapped and brought to the "village" to help him? Why does Jack get preferential treatment over Sawyer and Kate? More questions with every show! Love it!
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31 Oct 06
Cool, finally someone who is interested..... I am not sure that it is ben who has the tumor. But I cannot suggest who I think it is because I truthfully have no idea. I mean really, did you think a tumor would be thrown into the mix, along with the pot fields, the lottery and the mental ward????? An episode or so ago, it showed Lock on the pot farm....exactly when do you think that was? It has shown Lock trying to go on a safari, and also showed an episode about him and his dad and his ex wife, and then the pot farm, and I am confused about what order they go in.? Another pressing issue with me is libby. She was a psychatrist right? Was that before or after she was locked up with Hurley in the mental institute? Do you look at the lost websites, last year there was the hanso foundation, and I know there have been others? What did you think of those? And I definetely think that they are better to Jack simply because he has something to offer to there little community.....something they need like a PhD. Sawyer is a bad soul that is only good at conning, and kate is a lost soul with nothing to offer....or thats how they see it, I think.....but on the other hand.....why did they give micheal a list of 4 people he HAD to bring back, and why was it Hurley that they let go???? Something is seriously up with hurley? Who do you think will die this week?