What is the biggest discussion you started?

United States
March 13, 2007 1:29am CST
I find that I very seldom get alot of responses so I wondering what is the biggest discussion you startes how many responses did you get and what was it about?
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@happylim (660)
• Malaysia
14 Mar 07
I'm sorry that I'm not so sure that what you mean by big discussion. All the discussions I've sent never got more than 10 responses. The highest I got was 9 responses on topic of "Web Site That Can Make Good money" recently. After going through many other members' discussions, I've found that sometimes many response are given to the common and ordinary discussions instead of the big and quality discussions. If you have gone through for the similar discussions also, you may see something interest, i.e. althought the topics come to the same but the response is different. So like you, I hope some one can give me the answer too.
@ackars (1942)
• India
13 Mar 07
Biggest discussion I ve started is about "what do you think of marrying someone who is elder to you?"that qn was basically for guys and I ve asked gals also to respond to that...Through that I ve asked for a suitable minimum age difference between a guy(he is younger to the gal) and a gal to get married...My opyion was 1-3 and I ve got 10 responses for it..Most of them said a difference of 2-3...
@nairjula (453)
• India
13 Mar 07
The biggest dicussion was my fist posting. It was on quitting smoking. I was very narrative. But I got only a single response for that. I was happy though.
• Grand Junction, Colorado
13 Mar 07
The biggest discussion I started was several weeks ago. It got over 120 responses. It of course was about mylot! :) I find that the broader the subject the better opportunity to have many responses. Not all topics get large amount of responses, in fact when you look at how many discussions that are started it's wonderful that we get a few to our discussions. :)