United States
October 16, 2006 6:19pm CST
I read a few posts on who would give money to a begger on the street. And many are divided on their responses, but what about looking at the other side of the picture? Are they begging because they are lazy or users, or because they have no home, food, and money and aren't being given a chance? How do you know? I know I've been in a position where I've had nothing and I didn't want to beg, but if it came to it, it wasn't because I was lazy-- I just got dealt a few lousy cards. I was fortunate enough to have good friends to help me through, but had I not had them, I would be begging on the streets myself too. How many employers give homeless people a chance? I mean, ya have to have a residence to get paid!
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@macubx (11422)
• Philippines
2 Nov 06
Good side.. but its better for them to beg than rob..
• United States
3 Nov 06
touche....and should they be punished for such a good judgement? eh i think I just got rubbed the wrong way with the ill posts towards beggers; if people don't like to give money, do as i do-- give them food and blankets. Heck I gave this lady a whole half a pizze and bottles of water once! (i had order a medium pizza and only ate like a slice or two, lol)
@socool (171)
• Vietnam
26 Oct 06
They are out of job.
@magikrose (5423)
• United States
5 Nov 06
The thing you are forgeting is there are shelters out there. I know from experience. My family was homeless for a period of time. My husband was working and we had to live in a motel paying out just over $400 a week. My husband had to work overtime just to pay. Then we went camping at a camp ground because we found out it was cheaper. We finally got into a homeless shelter. But we worked hard at it. I was calling every day to many diffrent shelters all over to have a place to sleep that we didnt have to pay so mush every week and not be able to feed our kids. People who live on the streets can get there act together if they keep trying to get into a shelter. Once they are in they will have an address to use to get a job. Once they have a job they can save money to get there own place and get there lives back together. The thing is they choose not to. They choose to sleep on the streets and beg for money and food.