about u childhood

@slkbpd (18)
March 13, 2007 3:08am CST
childhood is most valuble in our life. one should not forget his childhood things and persons. the things that happen in our childhodd makes so much impression on the things we do. so let the children grow in good and helthy atmosphere where there in no jealous,curruption
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• Philippines
13 Mar 07
My childhood was perfect as it was. We were raised in a farmhouse which abound with almost everything we may need. There's plenty of food coming from the plants my mom grows, and there's lots and lots of farm animals which we can have for our share of meat. It was beautiful all around us, it was the Garden of Eden. There were seven of us siblings, and I cannot remember any instance when there's a quarrel among us. My parents guided us through in a well protected environment and I'd like to experience it all over again. Which is impossible.