Dot Com idea make a comeback

@taikon (23)
March 13, 2007 5:38am CST
Back in 1990 at the time of dotcom bust you may remember a company called Agloco. This was the first company which identifies power and future of online advertising. The idea was install a toolbar on our computer screen filled with ad and website information. Open it when you browse the internet and you will get paid. It doesnt requires you to click or read anything. So it was big hit and became very popular. But the company ends in paying out more money that it collected thru advertising. There was no safeguard to ensure that it wouldn't happen. But this idea is again making a comaback. this time ensuring that it will pay out only the money it collected. and it is also going to be public and shares will be distributed to Users. So users too wil activly participate in enhancing revenue thru advertising. New company name is agloco( we have to wait to know whether this idea will work or not. anyway people who have made money from alladvantage already started promoting agloco. if you are interested to join visit the site at
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• Sri Lanka
4 Jun 07
I think the earlier company was AllAdvantage and not Agloco, but done by the same people. I have already downloaded it and my accumulated hours can be seen when I log into my account. I made use of every response to keep the Agloco spirit alive and to cheer up those who have given up hope. Anyway with my 1350 referrals which keep increasing, I am in for a very good time.
• India
27 Mar 07
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• India
24 Mar 07
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