Do we really need a Break?

@DonBasyo (215)
March 13, 2007 6:34am CST
People tend to say that we need a break. To pause for a while to rest, rethink and/or to simply stop. But in this ever changing world, is still their a room for a break? Everyday we go to our work and look in desk... depressed? Wether we are or not. It does not matter, we need to work. We work... Hayyy... Come to think of it we are charged by the hour, so everytime we don't work, we do not get paid. In reverse we have the conception that we only get money if we work, so break times are losses in our part instead of gains... In this very demanding world, gone are the days when life and living is just but a stroll in the park. We hafta work our *sses out in order to survive. So do we really need a break if our society expects us not to have one?
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