soul searching with devotion and love is yoga

@healwell (1268)
Ahmedabad, India
March 13, 2007 7:24am CST
In traditional meaning as well as people mostaly know that yoga means ASHTANG YOGA! It is described with eight steps to follow and then you can follow the yoga! These eight steps are including 1. CONTROLING SELF 2. SELF-REGULATIONS 3. EXCERCISES (YOGASANS) 4. CONTROLING BREATHING (PRANAYAM) 5. CONTROLING SENSES (PRATYAHAR) 6. CONCENTRATION (DHARANA) 7. MEDITATION (DHYAN) 8. SELF REALIZATION /ABSORPTION OF THE SELF IN TO GOD OR ETERNAL TRUTH (SAMADHI) But without doing all such one can do yoga and it is said above that who ever is following soul searching with devotion and love is doing yoga because devotion and love can lead them in to deep meditation and total realization!
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