Can anybody tell me the best way of raising a tortoise???

my tortoise - This is my tortoise....
But this picture was taken several months ago....
Now it's not like that...
March 13, 2007 8:17am CST
I have a tortoise as a pet for several months. At the beginning,everything of it is fine.But resently,its shell becomes no more green than before,and even there are appearing some strange spots on its shell. Is it unhealthy or something???Is it lack in nutrition??? What can I do for it now????
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15 Feb 08
Just to make you aware this is a terrapin and not a tortoise. They are different animals altogether. if you have any concerns about your terrapin, i would suggest you take it to the vets. I have tortoises and they have always been healthy. At the moment mine are hibinating. But terrapins don't need to hibernate. Is your water healthy?, perhaps you should ask the people that you got your terrapin from to see if they can give you some advice on how to look after it more.