My Parakeet is almost human!

United States
March 13, 2007 8:53am CST
I adopted a parakeet about a year ago from a friend who discovered he was living on her balcony. I assume he is fairly old and Ihave done a little research on the bird. I have found nothing that says that parakeets learn to talk, almost as good as parrots. Mine, LeRoy, knows his name, is out almost all day (with two cats in the house) and talks in almost complete sentances! Is this extrodinary or what? For example I was cutting pizza the other day on the stove, and he flew on my shoulder, got near my ear, and started telling me "I like it. Tasty. I want some. Pretty bird LeRoy." Is this normal that our Parakeet talks this well?
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@lina820 (12)
• United States
31 Aug 09
If it's a male parakeet then it definitely is unless the words are all crystal clear. Parakeet all have the ability to talk. It just depends on rather the bird wants to and the owner is willing to teach them how to. My parakeet refuses to talk, but she loves to mimic other sounds even though we try actual words. She is a female parakeet though which explains why she doesn't really talk. Males tend to be able to talk better. I have seen a few male parakeets that can speak in sentences.