Dr Marion Simms, Surgeon or Butcher

March 13, 2007 9:51am CST
We can thank him for the pelvic exam and we can thank him for saving many lives and the hysterectomy, the prolapse womb and anything to do with womens things. But did you know that he actually believe that "Black Women, enslaved on the Plantations of America, could with stand his brutal, physcial and surgical examinations of the female organs without anaesthetic" He actually had the audacity to believe that Black Women felt no pain. It was the black women who suffered under his treatment and examinations that made Dr Marion Simms so famous. His head, a bust like figure and a plaque in his honour outside a hospital stands. But do people really know the darker side of this Surgical Master. J. Marion Sims, born James Marion Sims (January 25, 1813 – November 13, 1883) was a surgical pioneer and considered the father of American gynecology. Sims is infamous for his brutal experimentaion on black women slaves. Sims refused to provide anesthesia for the black women who were operated on without consent, and held down by force as their genetalia were cut into and abraded by Sims. Only subsequently were white women operated on, with anesthesia. Sims also experimented on black slave children, using a shoemaker's awl to cut into the newborn's skulls to rearrange their skulls. The medical establishment has largely covered up Sims's unethical and brutal practices, which bear a strong resemblance to medical experimentation by Nazi and Japanese war criminals during WWII. Sims was born in Hanging Rock, South Carolina. After studying medicine with Dr.Churchill Jones in Lancaster, South Carolina, and at the Medical College of Charleston, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1835. He returned to Lancaster to practice, but after the death of his first two patients moved to Alabama. If you think this diabolical then I totally agree with you, Surgeon or Butcher, glittering with medals and patron of women. So female health may not had advanced but why did he have to treat black human beings in such a horrible manner. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Marion_Sims
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• Philippines
28 Apr 07
that is a horrible thing he did. i cant believe he did, he's not a human to do such a cruel thing.