Eye Candy~Do you outwardly drool in front of your partner?

United States
March 13, 2007 10:13am CST
I know men and women alike love to take in their eye candy when a hot person walks by. Do you outwardly lust for that person in front of your partner; so he/she is aware of it? Or are you more covert when you are checking them out? Do you do the obvious head turn with bugging out eyes; or do you do it so non-chalantly that your partner is not even aware it took place? How do your partners react when they do find out? Do you find yourself dreaming or thinking of that random, hot person later in the day; or do you just enjoy the moment and forget about it? For the partner who has this done to you a lot....how does it make you feel about the relationship overall? Does insecurity take root? For the person who chronically does this...how do you really feel about the status of your own relationship? Does the barometer of your relationship influence how much you check other people out?? Spocking out what the other fish in the sea might be like? Has anyone ever left a relationship over this? I know it is human nature to look...I am just wondering what goes on in a persons head while it is happening. So many times, I notice men with their arms wrapped around their wives or girlfriends and those same men to take a long and direct look at my breasts or bottom; while the GF or wife is completely unaware. I cant help but wonder if those men are looking for an out in their own relationships...or just being human. Not sure. Lots of questions there~ sorry! Very curious, though! Hugs, Banyangirl
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