Whats the secrate,tack of killing by snipers??

March 13, 2007 10:28am CST
i saw may pro players kill with snipers easily.......its very hard for me to make frag like them.....im not able to kill like them....is ther some secrate???
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• India
17 Mar 07
hey, the technique pro players use is to shoot without the zoomed aim...they shoot without zooming...i too use sniper in that way (i am not a pro tho' :) ) try using pistol and sniping dual.. take pistol...wen u spot an enemy..use Q to snap to sniper...the place where your pistol's aim was when u snapped it..the sniper's aim(without zooming) will also be in and around that place...then WHAM! shoot it.. i think i hv not made myself that clear...if u need further help..do ask buddy! -later!