My daughter has asthma...

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March 13, 2007 11:31am CST
My daughter, who is 5, was diagnosed with Asthma in January this year. I had it when I was a child, but grew out of it. What age to kids usually grow out of it? She only has flare ups if she has a cold.
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15 May 07
ur daughter is too younger and she is havng asthma problem and my nephew was also having asthma but thank god somebody came in our life and told us about food supplements and she took that and now these days she perfect and i think ur daughter will be alright if u take right decision. if u want to know more about these supplements which were they and how they worked mail me on
3 Apr 07
I have had asthma all my life, Im 16 and finds exercise outside more dificult, epsecially after my bad attack, which I had to take a purple inhaler with some steroid in it. I believe that you grow out of it in ur teens or young adulthood although I dont believe i will grow out of it.
@vijay62 (22)
• India
18 Mar 07
Your daughter is suffering from what is called as childhood asthma. This condition is usually seen in the children till age of 5 years after which they recover from it. However in some children this period may extend for another 2-3 years. As you have mentioned that her attacks flares up when she has cold. You can tackle this situation avoid all the factors as far as possible. When she developes cold give her medicines in time so that her cold do not travel further in form of asthma. Steam inhalation is the best alternative for it.
• United States
15 Mar 07
Im not a doctor so dont quote me on this lol but my brother and I have both had asthma since we were young. My brother's asthma was exercised enduced and he did grow out of it completely. Me on the other hand, I deal with it everyday. And like your daughter when I have a cold it is almost impossible for me to even walk up the stairs without being short of breath. Has your doctor prescribed you a nebulizer? I always used that and it helps, it is not as fast acting as an inhaler and you have to sit there for about 15 minutes to inhale all of the medication but I find that it has worked best for me. Whatever you do, make sure you read and research about all the medicine that the doctor tries to give her to control her asthma because some of it can have some serious effects on her later in life. I just ordered a natural treatment for my asthma also called BioVent. Im not sure if it will work because I havent recieved it yet but its an option if you'd rather not risk serious medications like an Advair Diskus.
@jean_rose (416)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
I am an asthmatic but I didn't experience this when I was a child. I had my first attack when I was 20. It took me long to figure out what caused it because I thought I was suffering from ordinary cough which was turning into tb. But the irritating wheezing sound which accompanied my inhale and exhale caused my aunt to conclude that I might have asthma. I researched on the condition and found out that asthma is most caused by an allergen like dust, food, pollens...I have improved my condition remarkably by avoiding foods that can cause allergies. But I also keep my antihistamines handy because I would never know when the next attack will be. I used salbutamol in the past but all I ever got were trembling hands and palpitations. It never really gave me the cure I needed. This time, when I have asthma attacks, I take my antihistamine first and the symptom promptly disappears.
@mom_of_2 (399)
• Canada
13 Mar 07
I don't mean to sound negative but I disn't think a person grew out of asthma. My son was checked for asthma but it actually turned out to be allergies. I asked the sepcialist if, it was asthma, would he grow out of it and he said no. I know 2 of my nieces were born with asthma and have been symptom free since about 3 or 4 years old. My sister inlaw just knows what the triggers are...dust is a huge factor. My nieces just avoid the trigges and seem to be fine. I would get a second oppinion and request allergy testing..I know first hand allergies can be misdiagnosed. Of course I'm not a docotor, so I could be completly wrong..I just wanted to share what I was told. Take care.
@emeraldisle (13146)
• United States
13 Mar 07
From what I understand one does not actually grow out of it. You may be symptom free for years but the underlying condition is still there and you can have flare ups. You'd be wise to have an emergency inhaler for just in case. Some people as they grow older their symptoms do go down but others the symptoms can get worse. There is no telling. Follow up with a doctor for medications and try to determine what her triggers are and reduce those. That's all you can really do.