The celebrating of Golden marriage

@alen0224 (528)
March 13, 2007 12:20pm CST
Mr. and Mrs Smith are celebrating their golden marriage when John, their neighbour, who doesn't get along with his wife, comes to say congratulations to them. After that, John turns for Mr. Smith for some advice:"Mr.Smith,How can you get so well along with Mrs. Smith? Since I born, I had never heard you disputing with her". Mr. Smith tells him a story:"I learned how to get along with my wife just in our honeymoon holiday to the great valley. In that years, cars have no ways there so we rent a donkey each one. Apparently, the donkey that my wife was riding was rather a lazy one, after a shot journey, it lied down and didn't move any longer untill it had enough rests. "For the first time the donkey lied down, my wife was a bit angry with it, and warned it:'THE FIRST TIME!'; when the donkey lied down again, she was very angry with it but still a warning:'THE SECOND TIME!'; and when it was the third time the donkey lied down, she pulled out her shotgun and shot it without any hesitating." What do you think about this joke? Any opinions, post here please.
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