What is the minimum amount I can earn on Mylot ?

March 13, 2007 1:39pm CST
I was just curious to know from my senior members at MyLot as to how much do they earn abour average every month .. say 2 hours put in everyday .. quality time that too ..
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@072006 (1279)
• India
13 Mar 07
Hey hi,welcome to mylot,there is no limit of your earning, as here you can make money just by answering discussions on mylot, and starting new discussions too, infact you can boost your earning by uploading photos, so keep posting quality responses, keep searching good discussions about which you know something and can answer, strictly avoid one liner posts,best luck and happy earning!!!...cheers!!
• India
14 Mar 07
hey thanks barbie girl (",)
@tad1fan (3373)
• Canada
15 Mar 07
Everyone I have talked to about this has told me that they earn about a dollar for every one hundred posts.....I have just over 500 posts and am well beyond that in money so I think it all depends on your posts,responses,pictures and comments.....
@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
14 Mar 07
Good luck! - Good luck with your mylot paypal or egold payout!
The minimum amount of money you can cash out via paypal or egold is $10. You can set this to a higher level, but that is not recommonded as you will get paid a lot later than you would with your limit set on $10 when you will get paid early.