for PTC users - i've found a site even better than donkey or nominimum

payproof for nocturnal email - the payproof for this great ptc with a few infos
@xosmin (22)
March 13, 2007 3:38pm CST
- Free Membership - Free level 1 Upgrade - 3 levels available - around 80 mails/day (80% with 0.03c cash, but a few with 1c, 0.5c or points also) - a few 0.5c, 0.25c PTC - around 100-120 0.02c or 0.01c PTC - For every referral you get 100 points - Can convert points to cash 0.20$/1000pct - PTP 0.65 CPM - 2 referral levels: 10%, 7%Everyone able to read english is invited The Payout limit is setup at 3$ Egold (20% fee) or paypal - but i was able to get to this in less than 1 month - WITHOUT PTP The best part - the payout came in 10 minutes after request:) Register Below: and here's a payproof
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@Radamel (122)
• Turkey
9 Jun 07
I haven't reached mimimum payout limit yet for four weeks.I may reach at the end of this month.It is not good enough as much as donkeymails.
@Angelinka (1411)
• Italy
13 Mar 07
i am joining this site right now,thanx for the link!never heard about it before.
@Radamel (122)
• Turkey
11 May 07
I joined nocturnalemail today.My first day performance was good.I sent 100 ptp credits and I picked up more than 4 cents.I am planning to reach minimum payout amount in next 20 days.If I find referrals,I am sure that I can do that.I know they pay the members because I know many people getting paid by them.I saw payment proofs with my eyes.