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March 13, 2007 4:22pm CST
Who discovered the electron?
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17 Dec 08
the credit of the dicovery of electron goes to the british phyaist j.j thomson in 1897.actually he used the glass tube called the discharge tube for his experiment.the tube is fittd with two metal electrode and a vacuum pump.the two electrodes are connected to a high voltage source.the tube is ecuvated. on increasing a high voltage acroos the tube,a beam of bulish light emegres from the negative electrode,the cathode.these rays travel to anode in straight lines.these rays wore called cathode rays.these ray were defelected to the positive plate in electric and magnetic fields.from this thomson concluded that the cathode rays were made up of very small nagatively charged particles,which he named electrons.whatever the nuture of electrodes or gas may be,electron are always produced.it prove that electrons are the fundemental particle of all atoms.